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What Is an E cigarette?

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What is an e cigarette? It’s an exciting and innovative battery powered smoking alternative that uses e liquid to mimic the smoking experience.

The e liquid is heated through the device to create a cloud of vapour. E liquids, or e juices, don’t contain tobacco, but are available with different levels of nicotine ranging from zero percent to 24 percent. The vapour production in e liquid is composed primarily of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and distilled water. Added flavours are used for individual taste preference, and option of nicotine in different levels.

Since nothing is actually being burned in the process, the harmful chemicals and carcinogens found in traditional tobacco cigarettes are not included in the vaping experience. They emit water vapour, which is odourless and won’t stain clothes, skin, hair or home furnishings. They can be used nearly anywhere, unless otherwise stated by the establishments management, and aren’t an inconvenience to anyone in proximity to the vaper.

Different e cigarettes have different properties. They differ in battery capacity, e liquid tank size, vapour production and power output. To get a better idea of the products available and their unique attributes, contact the most reputable vape shop in Canada. The knowledgeable and experienced staff will be happy to answer your questions and point you towards the right smoking alternative for your needs.
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What is an e cigarette? They’re the best smoking alternative on the market today. E cigs are battery powered devices that are able to mimic smoking through the use of a vapour created by heating an e liquid. One of the most confusing aspects of these great electronic vaping devices is the list of parts and their functions.  A little information in this regard can go a long way.


The battery of the unit is what powers the coils for the production of vapour. They are generally a lithium ion type unit that can be easily recharged. Some have an option for variable power output, which helps to control the amount of vapour produced.

Tanks and Clearomizers

This is where the e liquid is placed. It’s fed through the unit to the battery powered coils. They are available in different sizes for different models of e cigs and are among one of the most popular items to modify for more experienced vapers.


The coil is what generates heat during the production of vapour. Some electronic smoking devices have more than one easily removable coil. A removable coil is ideal for heavy users, as they can burn out after prolonged use. Some experienced vapers even build their own coils to create a more customized vaping experience for their mechanical mods.
Learning about some of the most important parts of an e cigarette is beneficial for anyone looking to get into the hobby for the first time. Product descriptions love to mention aspects of these parts, but can be confusing to newcomers. A quick trip to the most reliable vape shop in Canada will yield excellent information pertaining to the latest vaping devices. Take advantage of a strong and knowledgeable sales team to easily make the switch to e cigs!
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